About Us

Rx CAPP was established by pharmacists of Pakistani origin residing and working in Canada. As
a non-profit organization, we maintain a steadfast commitment to professionalism. Our
association places no distinctions among its members based on ethnicity, religion, language,
gender, or political affiliations.
We strongly discourage discussions related to religion and politics within our group.

Purpose: Our primary objective is to support newcomers, specifically pharmacists, in seamlessly
integrating into the mainstream. We aim to assist them in various aspects, including exam
preparation, job searches, training opportunities, and more.

Vision: We aspire to establish a platform where both foreign and locally trained Pakistani
pharmacists converge, fostering an environment for sharing ideas, expertise, and advocating for
the enhancement of our profession.

This platform belongs to all of us. It is our collective responsibility to contribute
professionally, adhere to a code of conduct, and shape this platform into a remarkable